A Newly Developed Natural Formula Capable Of Crashing HIGH BLOOD SUGAR COMPLETELY With NO SIDE EFFECTS Is Transforming The Lives Of Thousands of Diabetic Nigerian Men and Women


Dear Friend;


Are you tired of pricking your fingers everyday with painful and expensive needles?


Are you feeling more and more sluggish each day and dissatisfied with your sex life due to Erectile Dysfunction for men and painful inflammation for women?


Are you constantly anxious and stressed about maintaining your weight, about tracking your blood sugar, about all the horror stories you’ve heard of people losing their eyes, legs, and hands due to high blood sugar?


You’re in luck because you’re about to find out how to break the grip of high blood sugar on your life…


Let me guess


You have gained a bit of weight around your belly…that’s not a big deal, right?


And the doctor says your blood sugar readings are pre-diabetic… That’s manageable, right? Medicine can control that? I’m sure that is what your doctor keeps telling you.


And when the medicine fails, and the symptoms set in, what happens?


The constant tiredness…The increased thirst, coupled with the never-ending urge to use the bathroom?


You tell yourself so many lies.


“This is part of getting older.”


“This is just part of treating my high blood sugar. It’ll go away soon.”


“This is how the medicine works. I have to get worse before I get better.”


“It’s only my leg, I can live without it.”


I know one of these would sound familiar. But eventually, you realize that this disease has spun out of your control, and the medicine are not working like they used to.


And your doctor starts talking about “high-risk procedures”… Telling you that “we’re at a critical point in your treatment”…Or maybe he sits you down one day and tells you…


“There’s no cure for this disease, and it’s going to kill you. It’s not a matter of “if”, but a question of “when” this disease will kill you at this stage.”


There are over 7 MILLION Nigerians today with pre-diabetes. This is a major precursor and untreated will become type 2 diabetes.


Symptoms include…

  • Always Thirsty
  • Blurry Vision
  • Wounds that won’t heal
  • Always hungry
  • Always Tired
  • Sexual problems
  • Frequent urination
  • Numbness/Tingling of hands and feet
  • Sounds Familiar?


4 out of 5 people with diabetes will either:


  • Be slowly and irreversibly poisoned as their kidneys fail
  • Go permanently blind,
  • Need legs amputated due to nerve damage,
  • or suffer from heart disease, the #1 killer of women in the Nigeria.
    Diabetes Kills more people EVERY YEAR than AIDS and Breast Cancer combined, It shortens your life expectancy by 13.5 years, on the average.


And Yet Your Doctor Tells You There is ‘’No cure’’…


But In a Few Moments I’ll tell You How to Break Away From Diabetes.





But why are you only hearing about this solution now?


Your hospital and pharmaceutical companies are profiting from your disease…to the tune of over $245 billion a year


Take Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), one of the major pharmaceutical companies out there that makes your Glucose levels, this is what they have to say about diabetes on its website:


“Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease, which means you have it for life.


Although there’s no cure, you and your doctor can work together to control your blood sugar, which can help reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes complications.


Managing type 2 diabetes over months and years can mean making changes in your treatment plan. Diet and physical activity may control your blood sugar at first, but you may need to take medicine down the road.


Over time, you may need to change medicines, or add medicines, to keep your blood sugar under control. You may even need to use more glucose.”


In other words, GSK, like every other pharma company, is telling you that there’s no hope and that the only way you can feel better is to take their drugs.


As I mentioned before, over $245 billion a year is forked over to Pharmaceutical companies & doctors for diabetes treatment.


To put that number in perspective, if you made these companies its own country, it would be the 49th richest country in the world JUST OFF DIABETES TREATMENTS, not including the billions it profits from “treating” other diseases.


Why would they ever eliminate such a huge cash cow by releasing something as hurtful to their business as a cure?


Or, for that matter, by admitting that their medications just DON’T WORK, and in some cases, can even make the situation worse!


They Don’t Want You To Find Out You Can Reverse Your Diabetes!




And, if you’re thinking right now that maybe the diabetes medications do help just enough to keep you alive, think again.


You see, the most common diabetes medications sold by Pharmaceutical companies and marketed by doctors keep your diabetes symptoms down temporarily… By pushing your pancreas to release more glucose.


But after some years it ends up increasing your glucose resistance and making you worse off in the long run.


So, not only are the drugs useless overall… They will actually do more damage in the long run! And i am sure you would have noticed too. The drugs just stop working.


​What If I Give You One Solution To Your Type 2 Diabetes?


Something you can take for the next 3 weeks and see amazing results from.


A solution that REALLY WORKS.

Firstly You Need To Understand What Is DIABETES

Diabetes is a condition where the body can’t maintain a healthy level of Glucose (a form of sugar which is the main source of energy for our bodies) in the blood. This condition can lead to long term and short-term health complications. Diabetes can strike anyone, from any walk of life. Worldwide, it afflicts more than 380 million people. And the World Health Organization estimates that by 2030, the number of people living with diabetes will be more than double that is over 760 million people.

Diabetes is a serious complex condition which can affect the entire body, it requires daily self-care. If complications develop, diabetes can have a significant impact on quality of life and can reduce life expectancy. While there is currently no cure for diabetes, you can live an enjoyable life by learning about the condition and effectively managing it.

Diabetes is a defect in the body’s ability to convert glucose (sugar) to energy. Glucose is the main source of fuel for our body. When food is digested it is changed into fats, protein, or carbohydrates. Foods that affect blood sugars are called carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, when digested, change to glucose.

When we consume carbohydrates, they are broken into the form of energy which the body recognizes and utilizes.... called Glucose. Glucose is then transferred to the blood where the cells use them for energy. For this transfer to take place, hormone is needed. The organ than produces this hormone is known as pancreas. They are produced by the better cells in the pancreas.

When a person develops diabetes, the process is somewhat truncated. When production of hormone is insufficient, diabetes develops. This is not a palatable condition to live in or live with.

There are different types of diabetes. The three main types of diabetes are Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes. There is no known specific cause but it depends on one’s genetic makeup, family history, ethnicity, health and environmental factors.

Now Consider the following facts before I Proceed

  • Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes. About 90 to 95% of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes.
  • Being overweight (BMI greater than 25) increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • About one third of all people with diabetes do not know they have the disease.
  • Many people are overweight when they’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. However, you don’t have to be overweight to develop it.
  • Most people with type 2 diabetes are insulin resistant, meaning that their bodies don’t use insulin properly. They make more than enough of it, but their cells are resistant to it and do not know how to use it properly.
  • People with diabetes are twice as likely to develop heart disease than someone without diabetes

Why diabetes is serious

Diabetes can have serious health consequences.

The ADA report that more Americans die from diabetes every year than from AIDS and breast cancer combined.

According to the CDC, 79,535 deaths occur each year due to diabetes. The number of fatalities related to diabetes may be under reported.

Why and how does diabetes damage the body and cause complications?

The ADA says:

  • Adults with diabetes are significantly more likely to die from a heart attack or stroke.
  • More than a quarter of all Americans with diabetes have diabetic retinopathy, which can cause vision loss and blindness.
  • Each year, nearly 50,000 Americans begin treatment for kidney failure due to diabetes. Diabetes accounts for 44 percent of all new cases of kidney failure.
  • Each year, diabetes causes about 73,000 lower limb amputations, which accounts for 60 percent of all lower limb amputations (not including amputations due to trauma).

What Is Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes, once known as juvenile diabetes or, is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little. Insulin is a hormone needed to allow sugar (glucose) to enter cells to produce energy.
Different factors, including genetics and some viruses, may contribute to type 1 diabetes. Although type 1 diabetes usually appears during childhood or adolescence, it can develop in adults.

Despite active research, type 1 diabetes has no cure. Treatment focuses on managing blood sugar levels with internal secretion, diet and lifestyle to prevent complications.

Causes of Type 1 Diabetes

There is no specific cause of Type 1 diabetes but the following triggers the disease;

  • Viral or bacterial infection
  • Chemical toxins within food
  • Unidentified component causing autoimmune reaction.

Let Focus On Type 2 Diabetes

Yes! Because It Is Cure able

Type 2 Diabetes: this is the most common form of diabetes. This typically develops after age 35. However, a growing number of younger people are now developing type 2 diabetes.
People with type 2 are able to produce some of their own internal secretion. Often, it’s not enough. And sometimes, this will try to serve as the “key” to open the body’s cells, to allow the glucose to enter, but won’t work and the cells won’t open, thereby resisting.
Type 2 diabetes is increasing at the fastest rate. Type 2 diabetes is also one of the major consequences of the obesity epidemic. The combination of massive changes to diet and the unhealthy food supply, combined with massive changes to physical activity with more sedentary work and less activity, means most populations are seeing more type 2 diabetes.


For Type 2 Diabetes, there are more than one causes but the most likely cause is a family history of Type 2 Diabetes.
The following risk factors increases the chances of developing the condition and they include;

  • Obesity
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle
  • Increasing age
  • Bad diet
  • having a close family member with the condition
  • a history of gestational diabetes
  • high blood pressure or cholesterol

In type 1 diabetes, symptoms are often sudden and can be life-threatening; therefore it is usually diagnosed quite quickly. In type 2 diabetes, many people have no symptoms at all, while other signs can go unnoticed being seen as part of ‘getting older’. Therefore, by the time symptoms are noticed, complications of diabetes may already be present.
Common symptoms include:

  • Being more thirsty than usual
  • Passing more urine
  • Feeling tired and lethargic
  • Always feeling hungry
  • kidney disease
  • Itching, skin infections
  • Blurred vision
  • sexual dysfunction
  • Gradually putting on weight (type 2)
  • Mood swings
  • Headaches
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Leg cramps
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Tooth and gum problems


Here Comes The Final Solution

I'm going to share with you the  effect natural herbal solution that helped ov­er 600+ Men and Women to REVERSE there Type 2 diabetes, If you really want to reverse your Type 2 diabetes, then you need to read this to the end.




Here is the good news for everyone! A natural solution to treat Diabetes is now available at your door step without the option of taking artificial means.

This SOLUTION is called DIABETES MELLITUS TREATMENT, and it does not have any side effects.

A dietary supplement that combines the effectiveness of roots to help maintain blood sugar levels within the normal range and keeps body function operating normally.


  • Good for diabetes.
  • Helps maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Eliminates excess blood sugar (lower blood sugar level).
  • Relieves congestion of the liver,spleen and kidneys.
  • Modulates the pancreas for it to function well.
  • Increases the effectiveness of insulin and its ability to handle glucose. Improves insulin substitute and restores functions of insulin-improves insulin transportation.
  • Increases blood synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol assist in transforming blood sugar & metabolize 100% natural-500mg bitter melon extract effectively balanced blood sugar level promote good health
  • Promotes healthy Digestive System
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Stabilizes Blood Pressure
  • Promotes Healing

Note: This therapy will also give you healthy cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure naturally. So, not only will you rid off your excess blood sugar, you’ll drop the risk of heart disease and stroke as well which can help you SAVE more money & even your life because untreated or poor diabetes treatment can lead to neuropathic and retinopathic complications. In severe cases it can lead to death.


  • Pick the teabag into the cup, brew it with boiling water for 3-5 minutes then drink, every teabag can be repeated brew for 2-3 times until it diluted.
  • You can also add lemon or honey according to personal taste.
  • Take twice per day.
  • Best taken after breakfast or before sleep at night.
  • Each Pack contains 20 teabags (2packs lasts for 20days, 3weeks+).


(Made with only natural ingredients, these patches are truly life-saving!)

About the Product;

  • It is a Natural Product.
  • Herbal Remedy for Regulating High Blood Sugar and Diabetes.
  • It is a Chinese Acupunture Product.
  • The Patch is Placed over the Navel and the Content Permeates into the body through Transdermal route.
  • The advise to use for a minimum 9 weeks for best outcomes.
  • Combine the Patch with routine drugs for lasting results.
  • The Patch is not Pregnant Women, Lactating Women or Children.

Why the Diabetic Patch?

  • Helps Relieve Fatigue - The Diabetic Patch has adrenal properties - Its herbs acts as an adrenal tonic and can work wonders to boost the adrenal function, giving you everlasting energy.
  • Helps Regulates Blood Pressure - The herbal elements in the Diabetic Patch helps manage blood pressure, proven through clinical trials. In one study, around 62 people were advised to use the Diabetic Patch for a period of two weeks. After the stipulated period, it was observed that the patients showed a drop in blood pressure and serum cholesterol levels.
  • Helps Control Diabetes - The Diabetic Patch displays a noticeable hypoglycaemic effect. Its anti-diabetic properties help control blood sugar more effectively in diabetics. It raises blood insulin levels, which works to reduce blood glucose levels.
    Helps Promote Hair Growth - Thinning of hair on the scalp has often been associated with hormonal imbalance.
  • The natural healing properties in the Diabetic Patch helps to regulate and balance hormone levels, which can help restore hair growth.
  • Helps Relieve Osteoporosis - The Diabetic Patch increases the growth and activity of osteoblasts (bone-forming cells) and suppressed the proliferation and activity of osteoclasts (cells that resorb bone tissue).
  • Non-Invasive Treatment - The Diabetic Patch gives you the option of controlling blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and hormones without taking pills or injecting insulin.
  • Discreet Treatment - Even on a busy day, you can enjoy the benefits of the Diabetic Patch. Simply place it in the navel area and it hides under your clothes, being undetected as you go about your day.

Extracted from rehmanniae, rhizoma, trihosanthin, arrowroot, astragalus, berberine, yam
Herbal treatment for diabetes will focus on regulating blood circulation and QI and balancing organ systems to improve pancreatic function and to consider internal heat and fluid depletion.


1. only external use
2. wash the navel with warm water, open the pouch and take the adhesive, paste it on the navel,
3. one plate can be used for 3-4 days. Then remove it and cleanse the skin.
4.5 pcs. as a course of treatment. 2-3 procedures (10-15 patches) are proposed to achieve a better result.
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.


Peter from VGC, Lagos

“Your DIABETES MELLITUS TREATMENT KITS is simply the very best solution to my diabetes, and you had the science to back it up. I thought I’d be stuck with Type 2 diabetes forever. But now I’ve been diabetes-free almost 8 months.

My doctor was shocked when I told him that I hadn’t needed an lente iletin shot for weeks. He had to test my blood sugar himself to believe it. Your Product “ Healthway Capsules even helped to jumpstart my pancreas and reverse my diabetes in just 90 days of using it.


Esther from Sun Centre in Abuja

“I felt overwhelmed by my diabetes. I was always tired at work, and I couldn’t keep up with my kids anymore! Just the thought of vacation, or even a day on the town, made me feel exhausted. Diabetes made me feel like a prisoner in my own life.


I’m so glad I found this scientifically proven supplement to reverse my Type 2 diabetes. It’s not untested, junk science. It’s a proven, practical medication to jumpstart your pancreas and get your body to regulate your blood sugar again.


I’m living proof that it works… I haven’t needed diabetes medication for over 6 months! Everybody with Type 2 diabetes needs to get this powerful remedy now, so they can reverse their diabetes in just a few weeks.”



“The DIABETES MELLITUS TREATMENT KITS  saved my life! My disease was getting worse and worse. And it seemed like my diabetes medication wasn’t doing anything. My neuropathy was the worst part. I always had a painful tingling in my hands – it made everyday life so difficult! I knew I had to make a change. That’s when I found the DIABETES MELLITUS TREATMENT KITS . I followed the dosage to jumpstart my pancreas, and all of a sudden my neuropathy disappeared, and I had the energy I needed again. I went back to my doctor a few weeks later, and he was shocked at how healthy I was. I haven’t needed my diabetes medication for months!”


Sarah from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

“I was testing my blood sugar 9 or 10 times every day. I injected lente iletin so often I felt like a pincushion. You know your diabetes is bad when you develop calluses too thick to draw blood through! I felt chained to my refrigerator, where I kept my lente iletin. Just the thought of vacation, or even a day on the town, made me anxious about making sure I could get to my lente iletin when I needed it. Diabetes was stealing my happiness. Since I’ve discovered your supplement “DIABETES MELLITUS TREATMENT KITS”, everything is better. I stopped just managing my symptoms, and started naturally jumpstarting my pancreas. In just two months, I was down to needing just 1lente iletin shot per day. Three month using the supplement, I used the last lente iletin shot I ever needed. Since then, I’ve been diabetes free. Thank you for taking away my anxiety and letting me feel happy again


Alima from Kaduna

I am excited sending you this, I have had a type 2 diabetes for 27 years.For me the worst part of this horrible disease is the severe pain i constantly get in my feet. The pain is so bad that i avoid standing and walking as much as possible. In the first week of using the pack, my feet stopped hurting altogether and I can now walk totally pain free. I have been following and my blood pressure is well within range. I feel great and just wanted to thank you for the improvement you have made in the quality of my life.


Emeka O. from Anambra

 Well let me start by saying that you have given me my life back.    I was diagnosed of Diabetes in July 1999. Though I have managed it well with medications, (lucophage, metformin e.t.c), diet and exercise, my FBS fluctuated between 130mg-138mg. I bought Diabetes Therapy and the Men Sexual Performance Therapy from you in October 2016. I finished the 30 days usage by  November 18th. I couldn't believe what I saw. Well, to be double sure I went to my Doctor for a second opinion. The Test I did at the Clinic gave 95mg. My Doctor was surprised, My FBS has been 76mg. Thank you so much for the write up and for making this available to all. Honestly, the money paid is less than the value i derived. Thanks



They work by REVERSING Jump Starting Your Pancreas, The Organ That Keeps Your Blood Sugar Level Normal…

The reason people with High blood sugarr end up with liver problems and even amputation is when their body does not make enough glucose or can’t use the glucose produced by the body effectively.

This product Instantly goes to work helping your pancreas to produce glucose and also effectively using the glucose produced by the body

100% natural & because they are not made from harsh chemicals like your normal drugs, they don’t give any side effects.

Totally different from your normal drugs. While your drugs keep you stable with side effects; ‘DIABETES MELLITUS TREATMENT KITS ‘completely reverses it.

It will quickly normalize your blood sugar, fix glucose resistance, stop neuropathy pain, prevent blindness, amputations, and other diabetes problems.

How Much Will This Cost You?

Here’s it…

If you have had to pay an insane and outrageous amount of money for diabetes drugs and prescription before, then today is your lucky day.

You do not to pay Huge amounts to be completely free from diabetes

And My Reason isn’t Far Fetched.. I really Want You To Be Completely FREE!!!

​Today you can get this “2-in-1” Solution At a MASSIVE DISCOUNT for just N18,500.

This is NOTHING compared to what you are spending Now on Your Health. Consider what N18,500 can do for you, for just a moment…

It’ll cover less than 0.1% of the average diabetic’s yearly medical bills. An average diabetic will spend about N1.5 Million a year on medical bills. And that is for just one year ALONE out of all the years of your life. This will ensure that NEVER happens to you

The price of this solution is just a tiny portion of a caregiver salary for when, God forbid, your diabetes makes you go blind. The average caregiver costs N50,000 per month. Do the maths for 12 months!

It’ll not even cover a fraction of your bills for the heart attack that you’re statistically likely to experience as your diabetes gets worse.

The average heart attack in Nigeria costs approximately N20 million between the hospital bills, & drugs. Plus the stress you will pass your loved ones through.

Or… it can buy you this 2-in-1 solution that will prevent ANY of these EVER happening!

And Guess How Much you’d Pay for The ‘DIABETES MELLITUS TREATMENT KITS?

We Have Designed the Dosage in Plans That’d Help You Get Results Depending on whether you want to Test or Completely Reverse Your Diabetes. All You Need To Do Is Just Pick One.



₦18,500 (1 GOLD PLAN) : 1 TEA + 1 PATCH

(Instead of the normal N37,000)

₦36,000 (RECOMENDED PLAN) : 2 TEA + 2 PATCH  

(Instead of the normal N52,000)

₦55,000 (GOLD PLAN) : 3 TEA + 3 PATCH

(Instead of the normal N118,000)


0 day 23 hours 58 minutes 39 seconds





You get to this level because you must have seen the PRICE (N18,500) and how it WORKS
Please be informed that we do not want:

  • Please do not order if you are not financially ready

If you are traveling or already travelled please don't order except you have someone that will collect on your behalf
Don't Order If The Cash Is Not Readily Available Or If You Will Travel Within The Period, except someone is Picking up on your behalf, we are been charged for any order made here, so please do this only if you are ready, Thank you.........



Call,SMS on 08072941930

with the below details:

Item Name: (Basic Plan (N18,500) OR (Recomended Plan  (N36,000) OR (Gold Plan (N59,000)
Your Full Name
Your Phone Number (Provide 2 numbers if available)
Full Address (Home or Office, we deliver to anywhere you want)
Date you want it delivered
Send Message (SMS) or Whatsapp to this number ===> 08072941930

You have Questions to ask?

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